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5 Questions to Ask When Looking for Accounting CPA Tax Services in the New York, New Jersey Areas

TaxBizPro, LLC Posted on: May 13, 2011 13:43
Having access to reliable NJ/NYC accounting CPA tax services is important for businesses of any size in the New York/New Jersey area.  But some businesses may not spend as much time as they should in choosing the accounting and tax services firm for their company. Often the business owners just select the “low cost provider” and move forward.  Using the low cost approach could be a mistake.  There are other important factors to consider when looking for a trustworthy accounting firm that can provide the CPA and tax services that your business needs.
  • What Accounting services will you need for your business?  CPA/accounting & tax firms vary in their service offerings.  Some may only provide tax preparation or tax assistance, while others provide capital expenditure planning, audits, certified financial statements, payroll, accounting and general ledger management, and business growth or strategic planning.
  • How many resources are needed?  If the CPA/accounting & tax firm is too small to handle various tax and accounting cases, important deadlines could slip.  Consider the business needs compared to the resources available at the CPA/accounting & tax firm, and how flexible your business is with meeting its deadlines.
  • Is there industry expertise?  A CPA/accounting & tax firm with industry specific experience can provide invaluable guidance on business trends and techniques used to grow and manage your day to day accounting and business finances.  For example, a firm with experience in the medical or dental industry can provide insight into potential tax breaks or special cash flow strategies for your business.
  • Are there ongoing training programs for the CPA and Licensed Tax Accountants?  In areas like New York and New Jersey, where tax law can be very complex, your NJ/NYC accounting CPA tax services firm must stay on top of rapidly changing laws and regulations.  The up-to-date knowledge can then be leveraged to help the business  achieve its goals and objectives.
  • Does the firm have a legal partner?  It is important for your CPA tax accountant to maintain a close working relationship with a knowledgeable and experienced law practice in order to insure that your business maintains full compliance with the law.
Your business depends on sound, trustworthy accounting practices in order allow it to grow and thrive.  Finding the right NJ/NYC accounting CPA tax services firm should not solely depend on the price of the services.  Consider your business plan and what goals you intend to achieve.  Then review any potential risks including taxes, cash flow, credit management, and business law compliance.  The CPA/accounting & tax firm that you choose should have the ability to help your business while keeping your budget intact.
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