Since 2001, we provide tax expertise & strategies for: Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs & Trusts.

We are true virtual accountants.  Please make an appointment, no walk-ins. We help clients throughout the US. Many of our corporate and individual clients are located in foreign countries. We help our international clients in: England, India, Austria, Russia, Israel, France, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, etc.  We use, IM, Skype and emails to communicate with our clients and use DropBox, Google Drive to send/receive files form our clients. So if you don’t want to come to our physical office, we can handle your tax accounting work remotely.

Main office: 1050 Wall St West Ste 350 Lynhurst NJ 07071

1501 Broadway 12th Floor (Times Square) Manhattan, NYC 10036

Tax-Biz Pro
1501 Broadway 12th Floor
Manhattan, NYC, 10036 USA
(212) 465-3337

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