Since 2001, we provide tax expertise & strategies for: Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs & Trusts.

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Welcome to Taxbizpro LLC, the premier Tax Accounting Firm for the NYC and NJ area.  Based out of Lyndhurst, NJ (Bergen County) our tax professionals provide comprehensive tax planning, accounting and financial consulting services to individuals, corporations, partnerships, LLCs’ and small businesses both within the United States and Internationally.

At Taxbizpro, our goal is to provide our clients with simple yet effective tax strategies which are built on a thorough understanding of taxation. Since taxes are perhaps the single greatest expense incurred by individuals and businesses, a thorough understanding of tax regulation is essential in effective tax planning.  All of our tax professionals and CPAs are committed to providing our clients with top-level service and expertise in taxation and financial services.  We owe our success to the high level of attention that we give each client and the tax creativity which we employ to find maximum tax savings for all of our clients.

We believe in the value of relationships.  Our success is built on the dedication and trust that we develop with each of our clients. Our founder, Ben Malakh, has a reputation for getting to know and understand each client in order to be able to provide them with customized and effective tax strategies. Every client deserves our commitment to providing close, personal attention.

Our firm takes pride in providing each of our clients with the peace of mind that they are receiving financial guidance based on years of experience and refined tax acumen. Our continual investment of time and resources in professional continuing education and technology is indicative of our commitment to excellence.  We strive to make all of our clients tax savvy business-people.

Remember, many accountants know how to prepare your taxes, but not all are proactive in seeking tax saving strategies that can save you money.  Our goal is to allow our clients to build wealth and maximize their ability to keep what they earn.

Client Testimonial

This is what some of our clients say about TaxBizPro LLC

A shorter recommendation would not have done any justice.As any court reporter, legal videographer, or any freelance worker can attest to, the nightmare of taxes due, bookkeeping, tax returns become increasingly worse and worse as each year goes by. Once a young freelancer has the maturity to try to put finances in order, it can be quite a mess for anyone to clean up, and the stress and anxiety that goes along with it.
Being forced to urgently and diligently seek another accountant in 2011, after a few days of calling around and researching the internet, I decided upon TaxBizPro. TaxBizPro quickly restructured and painstakingly put lots of things in order (and still in the process) while at the same time advising me of the “proper” way to do things.

Besides the restructuring, tax returns, and advice throughout, they also have a wonderful payroll service that is very User Friendly — of course after having done all the set-up themselves for me. They are saving me thousands of dollars previously paid to a payroll service set up by my previous accountant, as well as letting me be more in control. Why would a freelancer need a payroll service? Then you need to call TaxBizPro and find how the great benefits it can have for you. Because of their accessibility via internet, their user-friendly forms and internet links, one does not need to be near TaxBizPro’s offices. It’s easier for me to be able to just interact via the web (whatever time is most convenient for me to answer that e-mail or send the form). Although the first few meetings with the accountant and phone callls helped them assess my needs and a course of action.
The structure I have now, the reminders from TaxBizPro, ensures that, as a freelancer, you are not scrambling at the end to meet tax deadlines. I foresee saving lots of money next year on saved “penalties” for late filings, or non-filings.
As I personally can attest to, not every “accountant” is a CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT; not every accountant can have the expertise to deal with the nuances of a freelancer’s world. I am impressed with the level of expertise and services provided by this firm. Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. –Mayleen F. Brooklyn, New York City.

Excellent Service, By far the best Tax Advisor I’ve ever had

“As a non resident in the US, I had difficulties to file my tax back for 2007 (Internet filing not available).  All I had to do is send them my details, and TaxBizPro filed all the necessary documents for me, maximized my tax returns and took the time to explain all the details to me in a very friendly and comprehensible way. Very professional, and outstanding client service, for a very reasonable price. I would recommend them for anybody”.  –Gashan R.  London, England. Aug 14

Best tax service that I had in years

“After years of searching I finally found knowledgeable and courteous help with all my companies accounting needs. Thanks for all your help; you guys are amazing”. –Sam Y. New York City, from Nationwide Credit Solutions Inc. Aug 4

Best service and value in NYC

“I would like to express my appreciation to the TaxBizPro team for being very professional, patient and productive on my account. I got a valuable service that contributes to my business growth on a daily basis. The best accountants in NYC !!! thank you guys !!!”  –Edd A. Queens, NY from Jun 24


“TaxBizPro does an outstanding and friendly service for my Medical Taxes”.‎  –Brooklyn, NY Peter, G. Jul 25,
“TaxBizPro has an outstanding and friendly service for my business.” –David K, from Viva Portals, Monsey, NY
“Great financial & tax services” –Alan S., Fair Lawn, NJ

“TaxBizPro stood on top of my accounting. They trained my bookkeeper and they made sure that books are handled properly.  I am relying on their experience and professionalism.  I am glad to use TaxBizPro.” –Reuven S. from Homeland Security and Cabling LLC, Monsey, NY

“Received comprehensive tax planning and saved over $1000 a month by restructuring my debt. Thanks, Ben Malakh, for your knowledge and professionalism.” –A. Kalman from Classical Constructions LLC, Fair Lawn, NJ

“TaxBizPro examined my 2003 and 2004 tax returns and it was determined that I was eligible to receive more money, a bigger tax refund! My previous accountant missed several tax deductions totaling over $1,000, wow! TaxBizPro filled Amended tax returns and I got my money back for those years. Next year I will use TaxBizPro.” –A. Kaufman, Brooklyn, NY

We have many satisfied clients that refer us to their friends and family.  Come join us and see why we have earned our reputation.

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