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Michael J. Feigin is a Patent/Trademark Attorney.  A graduate of Seton Hall Law School in Newark, NJ, Mr. Feigin is a licensed Attorney/Lawyer in the states of New Jersey and New York.  Further, Mr. Feigin holds a license to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  After working for Patent and Trademark firms in Livingston and Clifton New Jersey, Mr. Feigin opened his own modern practice in August of 2007.

The law firm uses some tried and true methods such as Novelty Searches by classification and drafting patent applications based on training received by veteran AT&T Attorneys.  In other ways, the firm employs the best of new technology such as electronic filling of all documents at the Patent and Trademark Office, online billing, and web-enabled credit card payments.

Mr. Feigin prides himself on being available for his clients and providing personal, honest, reliable, and high quality service.  Patent and Trademark services are charged at fixed rates, where possible, and estimates are given in advance. You will be walked through the entire patent or trademark process from beginning to end by a professional.

The Law Office of Michael J. Feigin, Esq. has drafted many tech patents in the fields of telecommunications, web 2.0 patents, software patents, business method patents, biological patents, chemical patents, and mechanical devices.

Mr. Feigin was a pioneer in the paperless office and conversion of physical files into digital files before such tech became commonplace.  Further, Mr. Feigin has built and maintained many websites with some clients hiring Mr. Feigin since 1996 – when “web 2.0” meant “Netscape Navigator 2.0”. The dorm networking system at the main campus of Rutgers University, the largest university in New Jersey was also maintained by Mr. Feigin from 1999-2002.  While working in the IT field, Mr. Feigin also obtained degrees in biological sciences and law.  Mr. Feigin has drafted applications for three other law firms – Mr. Feigin is “Of Counsel” to the firm of Neu and Associates and handles overflow work for a large telecom company.

You can contact Michael at:

Tel: 973.685.5280 or 212.316.0381               103 The Circle
Fax: 973.767.1292                                   Passaic, NJ 07055


1501 Broadway 12th Floor
Manhattan, NYC, 10036 USA
(212) 465-3337

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